COVID-19 Study Database

On this page we have collated a database of studies relating to COVID-19. For more information about each study, please click on the project title. The purpose of this page is to support research prioritisation in our field.

To submit a study for inclusion (or update an existing listing), please complete the form at the bottom of this page. The criteria for inclusion are:

  1. That the study includes at least one research question relating specifically to COVID-19 (even if only incidental), and
  2. That the project team includes at least one member of HESG.

HESG COVID study database

Project titlePIProject statusBrief summary of project
Estimating QALY losses associated with deaths from COVID-19Andrew BriggsCompletedA simple spreadsheet tool that users can easily customise in order to estimate QALY losses from deaths. The tool uses standard life tables with adjustments for comorbidity.
Impact of COVID-19 on food poverty amongst children and mothers in the UK; a rapid reviewHeather BrownIn progressThe aim of this rapid review is to use the existing evidence on food poverty and holiday hunger to use economic modelling to estimate the potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on health inequalities in children.
Short and long term impacts of COVID-19 restrictions on Older childreN’s healTh-Related behAviours, learning and wellbeing STudy (CONTRAST)Emma FrewPreparingThe aim of this study is to explore the differential short and long term impacts of the COVID-19 restrictions on learning, eating and physical activity behaviours, and wellbeing in children aged 11-15.
What can the evidence on societal preferences tell us about how scarce medical resources should be prioritised during a COVID-19 pandemic?Koonal ShahIn progressA rapid review is being undertaken to establish the extent of societal support for the various priority-setting principles documented in official guidelines on COVID-19 resource allocation.

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