HESG members are eligible for reduced fees at our biannual meetings and can view papers from previous meetings.

Members can also access materials relating to the HESG mentoring programme.

Membership costs £15 per year. Membership can be purchased and renewed at any time and will last one year from the day of purchase. Currently, there are two payment methods available.

To manage an existing membership or edit your account, click here.

Using a PayPal account

To become a member or to renew an existing membership, please click here. We advise that members purchase and manage their own HESG membership. By using a PayPal account, your payment will be automatically linked to your membership and you will gain immediate access to member-only content.

Without a PayPal account

If you need to pay for membership on someone else’s behalf, or if you need to pay for multiple memberships, or if you do not wish to use a PayPal account, please use our alternative method. The payment will be processed by PayPal, but you can pay using a credit card. This method will be associated with a delay in your membership as it requires manual processing.

This site includes member-only content. If you have paid your membership for the current year but cannot access member-only content, please contact us.