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Welcome to the new For some time, we’ve been having problems with the HESG website. Members and other visitors haven’t been able to access the information they needed. As HESG members ourselves, we appreciate that this was frustrating at times. The new website is up-and-running but is still work-in-progress. There are several key things that we would like visitors to the new website to be able to do. In this blog post, we’ll briefly explain what these are and how long it will be until these features are fully launched.

Information about upcoming meetings

The next HESG meeting will be at City, University of London, in January 2018. All of the information about the meeting is provided on the local hosts’ website, where registration is now open. Historically – at least, since the Internet has been around – this is how information about HESG meetings has been provided. Going forward, we’d like to provide all of this information centrally on the HESG website. This will include abstract submission, programme details, travel advice, and everything else you might expect. This won’t preclude local hosts from providing their own web pages, but we hope that a single online destination for information about upcoming meetings will make life easier for authors, discussants, and all delegates. The summer 2018 meeting of HESG will take place at the University of Bristol, and this will be the first meeting for which we hope to provide this comprehensive coverage on the HESG website.

Information about past meetings

There are a variety of reasons why HESG members and other visitors to our website might like to find information about past HESG meetings. Members may want to access past papers. This is something that has been lacking from the HESG website in recent years, and something that we know people expect as a part of their membership. Visitors may also have an interest in the history of HESG. The meetings have been running regularly since 1972 and, to date, there have been 90 meetings in total. Getting all of the available information from all of these meetings onto the website is no mean feat. It will take us several months (at least) to achieve this. Each past meeting will have its own web page, from which members will be able to download the accepted papers. We’d like to make as much archival material available as possible, so if you are able to provide any documents that we could add to the website, please contact the webmaster.

Manage your membership

HESG membership runs annually from October 1st. By the time of the summer meeting, it’s not always easy to remember whether or not you’ve renewed your membership for the year. The new website will allow you to check your membership status. This functionality will be fully available once this year’s sign-ups and renewals have been processed. Membership payments are handled by the University of Manchester. As payment is processed separately, there may be a slight delay in updating your details on the HESG website. If you believe that your membership status is not correct, please contact us.

We would like to continue to develop the HESG website and to add new functionality. If you are an HESG member and interested in contributing to the development and maintenance of the new website – especially if you are familiar with WordPress – please contact our webmaster.

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